Netherlands: Sightseeing

Bustling liberal cities, Windmills, flowers, fish, cafés, cheese - and tall people

Netherlands Sightseeing

The Netherlands provides the visitor with an abundance of sight seeing opportunities. Your main problem will be trying to fit everything in, as the Netherlands offer such a wide variety of different things to see for people of all ages and every taste and interest. Explore the award winning museums (more than any other country in Europe) that bring history to life, splendid art galleries and beautiful and colourful gardens.
Although most of the countryside is flat, it is often colourful and has its own characteristic beauty. Getting around this compact country is painless whether it’s by car, train, boat or by cycling. With its plethora of canals and low lying countryside, the Netherlands is an ideal location for sight seeing by boat.

The canal system in the Netherlands, coupled with the many navigable rivers and lakes, means that you can reach most Dutch provinces by boat, taking a leisurely journey through the countryside and travelling into the heart of cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Alternatively, cycling is a perfect way to explore the Netherlands and you can buy many tourist maps that plot wonderful and scenic journeys, of all lengths, by bicycle throughout the Dutch countryside. Cycling is very much part of the Dutch way of life and you will find that the transport infrastructure has been designed to accommodate cyclists. Equally, you may wish to see the sights of the Netherlands by train.

The rail network covers most of the country and you could see nearly all that you may want to see of the Netherlands through travelling by rail alone. Combining a cycle tour with train travel is a great way to explore the Dutch countryside. Nearly every railway station has a shop where you can hire a bicycle. Exploring the Netherlands in this way will provide you with new adventures, hidden riches and a experiences of sleepy towns and villages seldom known in the hustle and bustle of modern life.