Netherlands: Shopping

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Netherlands Shopping

Shopping can be one of the more enjoyable things to do in the Netherlands. There are numerous opportunities for great shopping in the Netherlands, but with the fall in value of the pound against the Euro, you are unlikely to find the Dutch shopping experience all that cheap these days. Amsterdam in particular has a greater choice and range of shops than many other Dutch cities, with the possible exception of Rotterdam. Amsterdam is particularly good for unusual and novelty goods of the type that you may not see in England, or even in other parts of the Netherlands. One of the most famous and popular places for shopping in Amsterdam is the Albert Cuypstraat Market. Not only is the market a great location for sightseeing, but you are likely to find bargains on a wide range of products. Cuypstraat Market sells all sorts of items, from vegetables and fruit to locally caught fish to electronic goods such as cameras and mp3 players.