Netherlands: Fishing

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Netherlands Fishing

Whether you like sea angling, or whether you would like to try your hand at fishing in some of the many lakes, rivers and canals, the Netherlands will provide you with a wealth of fishing opportunities. The main fishing areas in the Netherlands are the North Sea, rivers and big lakes, but there are also good fish stocks in the eastern part of the country. You may also want to take a trip to visit one of the Netherlands' breeding clubs, such as the Bosbaan artificial pond to the south of Amsterdam. All sport fishing in the Netherlands is regulated by Sportvisserij Nederland (Netherlands Amateur Fishing) and you will need a permit to fish.

The Vispas (fishing pass) was introduced in 2007 and is a credit card-sized permit which allows the holder fishing rights. There are various types of Vispas available and each acts as proof of membership of a fishing club. Vispas holders must also have a booklet (issued with the card) which contains details of all the waters in which you are allowed to fish. The standard Vispas allows you to fish with two rods and all permissible bait. Anglers under the age of fifteen are allowed to fish without an angling licence as long as they are accompanied by a permit holder. If a person under fifteen wishes to fish with two rods they will need a Junior Vispas (JeugdVispas).The Small Fishing Pass (KleineVispas) is available for people who are not members of a fishing club. It allows fishing in a limited number of waters and with one rod only.