Netherlands: Cycling - Mountain Biking

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Netherlands Cycling - Mountain Biking

The Netherlands has more than 6,250 miles (10,000 kilometres) of dedicated cycle paths and virtually all major roads have cycle lanes running in parallel with the carriageways and pavements. With some 16 million bicycles in the Netherlands – more than the population – the Netherlands is an excellent country for cycling. Although the flat terrain makes cycling relatively effortless in most places in the Netherlands, some of the strong and biting winds on the coast can be quite challenging for all but the strongest cyclists. The opportunities for mountain biking in the Netherlands are virtually non-existent. However, that said, cycling is a perfect way to explore the Netherlands and you can buy many tourist maps that plot wonderful and scenic journeys, of all lengths, by bicycle throughout the Dutch countryside.

A cycling holiday in the Netherlands is a wonderful and easy way of exploring the country yourself. Cycling is very much part of the Dutch way of life and you will find that the transport infrastructure has been designed to accommodate cyclists. Bike lanes on major roads have their own road signs and traffic lights and you will be expected to observe them, although prosecutions for cycling offences are rare. You need to pay attention when using roundabouts in the Netherlands, because traffic approaching the roundabout has priority. There is an abundance of cycles for rental in the Netherlands and rent bikes from private hire shops, or cycle hire shops in railway stations (called Rijwiel), from as little as £3.60 to £6.30 per day, and £22.50 to £32 per week.