Netherlands: Touring - Driving holiday

Bustling liberal cities, Windmills, flowers, fish, cafés, cheese - and tall people

There are numerous ferry links from the UK to the Netherlands, so you will find taking your car there relatively easy. The other option would be to hire a car in the Netherlands, which will cost upwards of £36 per day. With about 80,000 miles (126,000 kilometres) of road in the Netherlands the opportunities for road travel are considerable.

However, you will find that many of the Dutch motorways around the larger cities prone to congestion, especially at peak times. The minor roads in the Netherlands are much quieter and will offer you a pleasant way of viewing the countryside and rural towns. Over the last 10 years or so, many Dutch councils have tried to limit the number of car journeys by placing traffic restrictions in towns, so this is likely to hamper the ease with which you can tour around. You will probably find it difficult to find a tour operator that provides all-in driving holiday packages to the Netherlands, in the way that you would to the USA, for example. However, it is relatively easy to put together your own driving holiday.