Netherlands: Couples Holiday

Bustling liberal cities, Windmills, flowers, fish, cafés, cheese - and tall people

Netherlands Couples Holiday

If you are thinking of having weekend break or a short holiday for you and your partner, the Netherlands is an ideal holiday destination for couples. In fact, the Netherlands' beautiful landscapes attract couples from all around the world, who enjoy the romance and variety of the countryside. The Netherlands is popular too because it has excellent transport links to many places worldwide and the country is within easy reach of the UK. You might like to go on leisurely canal cruise, of which there are many available throughout the Netherlands.

A river or canal cruise through the countryside is an excellent way of viewing the bulb fields, the windmills, the sleepy villages and other rural attractions. In a city such as Amsterdam, it's the best way to go sightseeing in a short time and it will provide you with a vision of the romantic side of the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the thronging streets. You will see 17th-century grand houses, tree-lined neighbourhoods, houseboats, and superb architecture ranging from modern to medieval times. Sunset and night cruises present particularly enchanting sights.

As a couple, you can get away from the crowds and experience Amsterdam's canals in private by renting a canal boat of your own. The Netherlands is a great location for a couples holiday.