Munich: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Munich Food Guide - Dining Out

Munich offers a huge variety of restaurants serving all types of food, not just from Munich, as one in four residents is of a foreign nationality. For those who wish to keep to their normal diet, there is a large range of cuisine including Italian trattorias, Chinese restaurants and French bistros.

For those feeling more adventurous, many restaurants within Munich are concentrated in numerous districts. One of the most popular is the Altstadt (Old Town) area where a mixture of upmarket restaurants and low cost eateries can be found along Frauenstrasse, Marienstrasse, Neuhauser Strasse and Residenzstrasse, and also around Old Town Munich's Marienplatz, Platzl and Promenadeplatz areas.

Furthermore, there are many inexpensive places to eat in the city’s department stores, including the Müncher Suppenküche store on Schäfflestrasse and the Kaufhof department store next to the Karlplatz. Close to the main train station or Hauptbahnhof, there is a good selection of inexpensive fast-food restaurants and outlets selling pizza and doner kebabs. The Viktualienmarkt food market is also popular with tourists, and offers a true taste of the local culture, with traders selling a mixture of the area's produce, and hot snacks.