Munich: Sailing Activity Holiday

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Munich Sailing Activity Holiday

For a sailing holiday in Munich, visitors can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Englischer Garten by hiring a rowing boat on the lakes found in this park. There is a kiosk located at the edge of the Kleinhesselcher for rentals during periods of good weather. There are also rowing boat rentals on the southern bank of the Olympiasee, in the Olympiapark for a Munich sailing holiday. For holidaymakers who want something a bit more adventurous during a sailing holiday in Munich, there are raft trips on the Isar River, between the town of Wolfrathausen and Munich, which last from early May and last until late September. A raft may contain up to 60 other passengers, and therefore this is not for visitors who want the more individual experience.Munich is an ideal destination for a skiing holiday, being so close to the Alps. There are numerous resorts within only one hour’s drive of Munich, which include Achenkirch, Schliersee, and Kramsach. With a Munich skiing holiday being very popular either for a holiday, mini-break or weekend, there are a number of travel options with accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, and therefore a skiing holiday in Munich does not have to be expensive. For those who do not have their own skiing equipment, this can be hired on arrival at the resort. To get the most time on the ski slopes, it is worth travelling during the off-peak periods away from the school holidays.