Munich: Honeymoon

Folklore and age-old traditions with sleek BMWs, designer boutiques and modern people

Munich Honeymoon

A vibrant city, culture and history, Munich provides a truly romantic backdrop for a honeymoon holiday. Newlyweds can unwind after the big day, and there is plenty to do, whether it is a relaxing honeymoon holiday in Munich, meandering around the city’s many shops, or enjoying a spa at one of the luxury resorts, a honeymoon holiday in Munich simply has it all.

If culture is a must on the honeymoon agenda, there are numerous sites to visit in addition to the city’s spectacular museums and art galleries. For the more active couple, a round of golf and lunch at one of the renowned golf courses, sailing or fishing on the River Isar, or skiing at one of the nearby resorts in the Alps are just some of the options available. A honeymoon package at a 4-star hotel will cost around €450 to €550 and includes accommodation and use of the fitness facilities.