Munich: Hiking Activity Holiday

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Munich Hiking Activity Holiday

There are numerous routes for walking enthusiasts whilst on a hiking holiday in Munich, with trails suited to all levels, from relaxing to challenging. Because of its close proximity (70 miles) to the Alps, Munich offers numerous hiking possibilities. Castles and monasteries dot the surrounding countryside, and one of the most popular mountain climbs is Rotwand which stands 1884m high.

The cabin rope way (Taubensteinbahn) is used for hiking as a family. One of the other family favorites is the “Jochberg”, which stands 1565 metres tall. It takes between 50 minutes and two and half hours depending on fitness levels, and trekkers are rewarded with a nice Alm (mountain hut with drinks and food) about 15 minutes from the summit. It is worth bearing in mind that for those who want to sample the spectacular views from the top during a Munich hiking holiday, most hiking trails leading all the way to a summit are only snow free between May and late September, and tend to become crowded during sunny week-ends.