Montreal: Hotels

A city of a hundred nations

Montreal Hotels

Montreal offers a diverse range of hotels catering to all guests’ needs and budgets, from high end luxury hotels to budget minded accommodation. Downtown Montreal offers all the major hotel names you would expect such as Fairmont, Westin, Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott. Here you find high end luxury and reliability in quality; these mainstream hotels are conveniently located near major attractions, including Old Montreal, Mount Royal, Latin Quarer and Bell Centre. Typical amenities include a gym, restaurant, spa, indoor heated pool and whirlpool.
Prices: €125 approximately.

Luxury and stylish boutique hotels are also a popular choice for travellers offering guests in Montreal a unique and more personal experience. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth and Hotel St. James are excellent choices. Prices:€125 - €190.
Budget Hotels can make a dream holiday a reality. Although not necessary high quality most budget hotels offer the basic amenities such as a telephone, television and internet access. Prices: €30-€90 a night.
Hotels can also be found near the airport and can be a good base if you have limited time to explore the best of Montreal either before or after a flight. Free nights and reduced winter rates apply: €65 a night.

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