Montreal: Main Sights

A city of a hundred nations

Montreal Main Sights

Montreal’s unique top sights have can be easily reached by foot or by taking a 5-15 minute public transit ride. Travellers will instantly pick up the Europeam feel of Montreal as you will enjoy one of Canada's oldest cities with charming cobblestone streets, museums, eateries, a lively nightlife, shopping centres, and galleries. Montreal has many main sights certain to please even the most discerning visitor.

Old Montreal and Old Port

Old Montreal is one of the most charming city spaces in North America. The European character of this area boasts cobblestone streets, French cafes, wonderfully preserved 17th and 18th century architecture and the landscape of the St. Lawrence River. Once a fortified city, the old town is now a quaint and relaxing historical area, ideal for exploring. The Old Port was once one of the most important trading ports in North America but now is an excellent recreation and entertainment area. Here you will find a massive open air skating rink, Imax cinema and Science and Technology Centre. For excellent views of the city head to the top of the clock tower.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal, an unmistakable three headed hill/mini mountain is Montreal's landmark. From the summit (234 meters) of Mount Royal enjoy unbeatable views of the city and surrounding Mount Royal Park. The park is a great place to enjoy a picnic and relax.
Saint-Denis Street & Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal's shopping is world famous, and arguably the best in all of Canada. These two streets are the hub of action, offering not only great shops and boutiques but also hundreds of fascinating restaurants. Perfect for grabbing a coffee or simply watching the best dressed women in Canada pass by.

l Point-a-Calliere Museum

The Point-a-Calliere Museum is Montreal's history museum. A gem of a museum, you can enjoy archaeological artefacts, including a dig inside the building that educates the viewer on Montreal's happenings from the past up to the present. Best of all admission is free. There is also a nice restaurant on site.
Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts
A comprehensive gallery showcasing French Canadian art as well as Canadian artists, there are more than 7000 works in the collection by over 1500 artists. On Wednesday admission is free. Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts is over 140 years old, and has one of North America's finest encyclopaedic collections of Canadian art, contemporary art, Inuit and Amerindian Art, European Masters as well as prints, drawings and decorative arts (housing now the former Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts) on display.

The Lachine Canal

Along the Lachine Canal you will find the Lachine National Historic Site, a 14 km bicycle and pedestrian pathway with many picnic areas and green spaces. You can rent both bikes and boats here for a relaxing afternoon. Those looking for more adventure can try white water rafting.
l Casino de Montréal (Montreal Casino)
Built for the Expo '67 the Montreal Casino is an amazing sight. This multi level casino is a constant source of entertainment in the city and if you're lucky might even pay for your holiday.

l Jean-Talon Market (Marché Jean-Talon)

For a genuine feel of Montreal, try the Jean-Talon Market. Chalk full of fresh produce and goods, this is a great place to pick up a gift or souvenir or simply wander around the stalls. Prized local goods include cheese, meats and maple syrup.

Montreal Biodome and Botanical Gardens

Originally constructed for the Olympics, Montreal's Biodome is now home to four ecosystems representing the Americas: Tropical Forest, temperate Laurentian Forest, St Lawrence Marine, and the Polar Arctic and Antarctica. Ideal for families. The Botanical Gardens in Montreal is also a nice escape from the city and
situated just opposite the Olympic Stadium. The Botanical Garden of Montreal covers 73 hectares (180 acres) of land. The garden styles includes a Chinese garden, Japanese garden and a Tree House, which displays information on Quebec's forests. Don't forget to see the Insectarium and First Nations Garden.

Jean Drapeau Park

If you're looking for an escape from the bustle of the city then head to the two islands in the middle of the St. Lawrence River and home to Jean Drapeau Park. The park was the site for Expo '67, and is now used by pedestrians and visitors. Find garden paths and many recreational areas to enjoy.