Montreal: Introduction

A city of a hundred nations

Montreal Introduction Montreal Introduction Montreal Introduction

Montreal is one of Canada’s most loved cities, full of diverse communities, art and culture, restaurants and a rich French Canadian heritage; Montreal offers something for everyone. Regardless of the time of year, Montreal, the festival city, hosts entertainment 365 days a year such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. The city's location is an attraction in itself, situated on an island on the St. Lawrence River, Montreal is best identified by Mount Royal, a three headed mountain in the heart of the city. Mount Royal provides the perfect setting to take in panaromic views the city (Chinatown; Little Italy; Jean-Talon Boulevard; Greek community of Park-Ex; Gay Village; Quartier Latin; and Plateau Mont-Royal).

Travellers in Montreal’s historic Old Montreal can visit one of the most charming, and oldest city spaces in North America. The European character of this area boasts cobblestone streets, French cafes, wonderfully preserved 17th and 18th century architecture and the landscape of the St. Lawrence River. Once a fortified city, the old town is now a quaint and relaxing historical area, ideal for exploring. The Old Port was once one of the most important trading ports in North America but now is an excellent recreation and entertainment area. Here you will find a massive open air skating rink (Montreal's favourite past time). For excellent views of the city head to the top of the Old Port's clock tower.

Downtown, travellers will enjoy world class museums and galleries including the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts. Montreal is undeniably a French city always on the go and can boast small boutiques, large markets, cultural galleries, fantastic local eateries and enough festivals to fill up an entire calendar year. In short, Montreal is a welcoming cosmopolitan city for all visitors.