Montreal: Culture and Arts

A city of a hundred nations

Montreal Culture and Arts

Montreal's culture and arts scene is well known. The city boasts plenty of galleries and museums such as the Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Archaeology, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Montreal is also world known for its Jazz Festival and is the home base of the much loved Cirque de Soleil. Place des Arts (175 rue Saint Catherine St W) in Montreal is the large complex and soon to be new home for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

The arts complex is also home to the Les Grands Ballets Canadiens dance company, the Montreal Opera, and the Broadway musical touring company. Other entertainment hosted here includes chamber music, recitals, folk singers, variety shows, musicals, and classical and modern dance. The Just for Laughs Museum (2111 Saint Laurent Blvd), another Montreal arts staple, offers the International Comedy Hall of Fame and Immortals of Comedy and hundreds of film clips from your favorite comedians.