Miami: Hotels

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife

Miami Hotels

You’ll find a vast range of hotels in Miami with a huge choice for all requirements and budget – from uber-chic art deco hotels in South Beach and smart modern hotels in Downtown Miami to charming guesthouses in Coconut Grove and hotels popular with Miami surfers right on the ocean.

Rates for hotels in Miami naturally tend to be more expensive in high season (December to April), and hotel rates also go up during Miami’s public holidays and special events. A good tip for booking a hotel in Miami is to book in advance, and not be surprised if you don’t get your first choice of hotel if you’re looking to go in Miami’s busier times.

The quality of hotel rooms can also vary greatly – particularly in some of the more chi-chi Art Deco hotels in Miami’s South Beach. The original design of these buildings means they may have a limited number of rooms with good views. But, wherever you stay, the service in Miami’s hotels is generally good and welcoming.

Do remember though – you get what you pay for with hotels in Miami. It all depends on where you’re staying and the time you go, but to get a nice hotel room in Miami this will cost at least €90/night. On the more decadent end of the pricing scale, a full-on luxury Miami hotel room could cost you anything from €300 - €700 minimum a night.

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