Miami: Hostels

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife

Miami Hostels

In terms of places to stay, there are numerous low-cost hostels in Miami. Neighbourhoods like Little Havana and Little Haiti have some great, cheap hostels and are full of Miami’s charm and Latin American influence. Or, if you want to be a little closer to Miami’s world-renowned beaches, you’ll easily find hostels to suit your budget if you just look a few blocks back from the beaches themselves – including the youth hostel in Miami’s South Beach. A lot of hostel accommodation in Miami is basic with shared dormitories, although some hostels do have low-end, clean private rooms. In low season, book expect to pay from around €10-15 for basic dorm-bed hostel accommodation in Miami, or from €30 for private rooms, but these hostel prices can easily double in Miami’s peak months.

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