Miami: When to Book

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife

Miami When to Book

If you’re thinking about when to book for Miami there are a few things you should bear in mind. Most importantly – book early, particularly in Miami’s peak season. The high season in Miami lasts from about December to April, so if you’re booking a stay in Miami then, expect to find large crowds, packed venues and inflated prices.

But, it’s well worth booking to go with the Miamian crowds. Although Miami is a year-round destination, if you’re booking to go in late spring and summer, bear in mind that the heat can be intense and uncomfortable in these months. August is the rainiest, and also the hottest, month in Miami, so be prepared for if you’re booking to go then. Also, expect mosquitoes to step up the pace as they also book in to enjoy some fun in Miami’s sun for the summer.