Miami: Local Travel Info

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Miami Local Travel Info

Internal flights and major international airports in Miami
Miami International Airport (MIA) is the 12th busiest airport in the US. It handles all international and the majority of domestic flights in Miami.
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International is the city’s second airport, which is a convenient choice if you want to use internal flights.

Getting to and from the airport in Miami

There are a number of options for getting to and from the airport in Miami. City buses serve Miami International Airport, as does the MetroRail. Alternatively, you can use a taxi to get to and from the airport in Miami.

Travel costs in Miami

There are only a few neighbourhoods where you can get around by foot in Miami, so you’ll find that travel costs in Miami are an essential part of your trip. However, there is an extensive public transport system which can keep your travel costs in Miami low.

MetroBus and MetroRail services cover most areas, with a set fare of €1.1 for each trip. Or travel costs in Miami are free if you want to use the Metro Mover – an automated service that circles the Downtown district. If you want to travel in a taxi in Miami these cost €5.1 for the first mile and €1.8 for each mile afterwards.
You can also buy a Visitor Pass which costs €14.5 for 7 Day’s unlimited travel on Miami’s MetroBus and MetroRail.

Renting cars in Miami

Miami is fairly simple to navigate, so renting cars in Miami is a good idea to get you around on your trip. You’ll find a lot of companies that rent cars when you arrive at Miami International Airport. Prices for renting cars in Miami can be expensive however, so it may be worth looking into a fly-drive package or by booking online to bring down the cost of car hire.

To book car rental in Miami online, view our Car Hire section for Miami. We offer Ok Alpha users the latest special offers and best rates available for car hire in Miami. We advise you book your Miami hire car in advance so you can pick it up and drop it off directly at the airport.

Drivers licenses requirements in Miami

You’ll need a valid driver’s licence and photo ID to meet the driver’s licenses requirements in Miami.

Rules of Driving in Miami

There are a few rules to look out for when driving in Miami. Toll-roads and Freeways are fairly easy to negotiate, but often the local drivers play to their own rules - watch out for lane changing at terrifying speeds and some more than erratic driving habits. Seatbelts are required in Miami, and you need to drive on the right hand side of the road.

Buses in Miami

For buses in Miami, use the MetroBus system, which costs €1.1 for a one way fare and a little extra for a bus transfer. There is also the MetroBus shuttle in South Beach, which costs less that €1 and is a very practical way of getting around that part of Miami by bus. The fare box for Metro Buses in Miami will take tokens, dollar bills, quarters, dimes and nickels. There Miami-Dade public transport system has a useful website if you’re planning on getting around on Buses in Miami. It has a bus and rail system map for Miami, along with time tables and a good personalised system that will tell you which bus to take in Miami to get to where you’re going, along with lots of other information about buses in Miami.

Taxis in Miami

Taxis are easy to find in Miami and are a convenient way of getting around. You should have no problems finding one – whether you’re leaving your hotel, a restaurant, or a club at 4am, the streets of Miami are always full of taxis. Taxi company telephone numbers are also usually easy to remember (normally with all the same number, such as 999-9999 or 333-3333) so if you’ve got your mobile phone with you then it’s just as easy to give the taxi company a call if you don’t manage to find one on Miami’s streets. . If you’re getting around by taxi in Miami expect to pay around €5.1 for the first mile and €1.8 for each mile afterwards.

Cycling in Miami

Cycling in Miami is definitely one of the top choices for getting out and about in South Beach. You’ll find many places to hire bikes around the strip, with a lot of the stores also suggesting self-guided tours to help you get the most out of your time cycling in Miami.

Water Transport in Miami

The water transport in Miami is good. There are loads of Miami water taxis offering transportation and tours. They make scheduled stops and pick-ups at many tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping areas and you’ll find using them a great way to get around and get yourself acquainted with Miami. A good place for finding information on the water transport available when you’re in Miami is at the South Beach Marina at 300 Alton Road.

Hitch hiking in Miami

Hitchhiking is legal around Miami, but hitchhikers are not allowed to enter the interstate highways and should stand at the entrance, away from the improved section of the road. Stick to major service junctions along the interstate (for example truck stops on the edge of city limits. However, be warned that it is against the law to hitchhike anywhere along the Florida Keys scenic highway near Miami, so hitchhikers should make sure they have a ride starting south of Miami in Homestead if heading into the Keys themselves.