Miami: Introduction

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife

Miami Introduction Miami Introduction

With exotic Hispanic blood running through its veins, Miami offers a fabulous blend of Latin American culture, tropical beaches, stunning architecture and so much more. Miami’s intense climate, turquoise waters and Latin American soul make it a perfect destination – whether you want to take to the sands, absorb some culture in Miami’s vast array of theatres, museums and music venues, or join in with the uber-trendy set in one of the hundreds of celebrity packed bars and clubs that have helped put Miami on the map. You’ll have seen Miami’s neon lights thousands of times on the big screen, and a trip to Miami will give you the thrilling chance to experience it for yourself.

Miami has hundreds of highlights – from the achingly hip, art deco glamour of South Beach and the neon skyline of Downtown Miami, to the trendy Coconut Grove and the quaint streets of Little Havana. Wherever you go, a Latin American influence permeates life in Miami and you’ll feel it everywhere – from the down-to earth Cuban bodegas offering great food to the city’s pride and investment in Latin American and Haitian art. Over half the population is Hispanic, and Spanish is the predominant language, spoken almost everywhere, so you’ll find it useful to grasp at least a few words before you go. It all makes going to Miami a unique and stunning experience. Awash with sunlight, palm trees swaying and natural colours, you may feel like you’ve come to a different world altogether.