Miami: Food Guide - Dining Out

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife

Miami Food Guide - Dining Out

As you’d expect from one of the top culinary centres of the USA, food and dining out in Miami is excellent. The dining out scene is testimony to Miami’s huge diversity – with the many food choices and restaurants in Miami reflecting a fusion of exciting Caribbean and Latin American flavours with a heavy seasoning of New American savvy.

You’ll find a huge choice of innovative restaurants mixed in with old-time Miami institutions when looking for places to dine out. Flavoursome Cuban dishes are on offer at hundreds of cafes in Miami’s Little Havana, with other dining out options including Puerto Rican, Colombian and Nicaraguan food across the city. You’ll also find great places for more upmarket dining in Miami – with, for example, the renowned Normans in Aventura, or The Forge in Miami. No trip to Miami would be complete without also dining out on Floribbean food – which mixes exotic Hispanic tastes with New World innovation.