Miami: Culture and Arts

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife

Miami Culture and Arts

Miami’s culture and arts scene is truly thriving, and on any holiday to Miami you’ll easily find things to see and do that will leave you wide-eyed. The city is a cultural magnet: Miami throngs with internationally renowned art shows, prestigious museums, vital theatre and acclaimed dance companies, and you’re never more than minutes away from something exciting on the Miami culture and arts arena.

If a wide ranging musical experience is what you’re after, expect a dazzling array from your Miami holiday - from grand opera to outstanding contemporary performances from the world’s biggest musical stars, Miami’s investment in the musical arts will leave you breathless.

The cultural and art museums and exhibitions in Miami also won’t disappoint. You’ll find museums housing everything from historical to contemporary cultural treasures when on holiday in Miami, drawn from a diversity of travelling exhibitions to private collections. Miami also has a thriving artist’s scene, so make sure you check out Miami’s multitude of art galleries and alternative spaces on your holiday.