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Australia's multicultural hub

Melbourne Hotels

There is an excellent range of hotels scattered all over Melbourne that offer a host of diverse facilities. Finding a suitable Melbourne accommodation is easy with hotels and apartments of all ranges present in the city. There are apartments like the City Edge Apartments in Melbourne and the Armadale Serviced Apartments that provides accommodation within $190. The Enterprize Hotel Melbourne and the Alto Apartment Hotel Melbourne also charges within $190 while the Kingsgate Hotel Melbourne comes cheaper with the best rooms for $139 and Flagstaff Motel Hotel Melbourne with $75-175.

The EasyStay Serviced Apartment Melbourne ranges between $86-130. The Quality Hotel Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine comes within $180 while the Airport Hotel and the Cilmons Melbourne Airport Motel Hotel charges $198. Another budget accommodation is the City Edge Motel Melbourne that charges between $79-150. Hotels in Melbourne come cheaper too. Among the cheapest accommodation in Melbourne is Hotel Claremont Melbourne with $90 as the maximum lodging cost. All Melbourne hotels use a rating system of 1 - 5 stars, the higher the rating the better standard of accommodation.

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