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Melbourne Canoeing

Float on the grandeur of the colossal sea, drive yourself into the notion of tranquillity, strike a conversation with the playful dolphins, witness the grandeur of the flying eagles, enjoy in the fun, wet and entertaining environment. Well, that is what sea kayaking in Australia is all about. But the real fun of kayaking in the country can be best enjoyed at Melbourne. Sea Kayaking in Melbourne is truly a magical experience.

Kayaking in Melbourne is almost synonymous of tourism in Melbourne. No tour of Melbourne is complete without having tasted the fun and frolic of Sea kayaking in Melbourne. There are several sea kayaking clubs spread across Melbourne. These kayak clubs make kayaking more than just an activity in Melbourne with the plethora of tours and facilities it provides. You can look forward to half, full and even multiple day tours of kayaking in Melbourne.

Enjoy the very best of journeys over the seawaters on the kayak boats from St Kilda to Port Melbourne and Herring Island for a half-day tour. Travel form Port Melbourne to Williamstown, Princes Bridge to West Gate Bridge and Sand Ingham to Ricketts and derive the pleasure of a full day tour on the kayak boats. Book your days in advance for the adventurous multi-day tours on the kayak boats in Melbourne. These tours will take you from Wilson’s Promontory, French Island, Portarlington, Gippsland Lakes to many other locations.

You can also learn the art of kayaking in many of the kayak schools located on the fringes of Melbourne. Sea kayaking in Melbourne has given a boost to the ecotourism of the city. The state of Victoria is dotted with the natural wonders, which sets the backdrop for many exciting ecotourism voyages. The spots around the state and the city of Melbourne which are mostly visited are: Port Philip Bay around St Kilda, Mornington and Sorrento, Westernport Bay and Wilson's Promontory.