Melbourne: Abseiling

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Melbourne Abseiling

Experience the thrill of walking over the edge of a cliff with this mountain climbing package in Australia, tailor-made for the ultimate daredevils. Feel the adrenaline rush to your head as you back over the edge on your first abseil or relish the exhilaration and accomplishment that overcomes you when you reach the ground. And that is not all, for the proverbial icing on the cake as you experience your first climb - the feeling when you reach the top is indescribable!

Popular Abseiling & Rock Climbing trips in Melbourne include Abseiling & Rock Climbing a Brisbane Ranges and Werribee Gorge. Werribee Gorge allows thrillseekers enjoy a full day of action pumped with excitement and adventure. If you are a beginner at rock climbing this is the perfect trip to introduce you to the thrilling world of roped adventures.

Start from the plain and climb onto a 30-meter cliff. Otherwise, be sure to check out Brisbane Ranges: which combines abseiling and rock climbing adventures for the whole day. The day begins with abseiling for the first half of the day and once you feel confident with these skills; you can try forward abseiling, to make your adrenaline rush.