Melbourne: Couples Holiday

Australia's multicultural hub

Melbourne Couples Holiday

Melbourne is a great couple’s getaway, and is particularly appealing to the couple who enjoys fine food, wine and shopping! Melbourne is known as Australia’s gourmet capital. A romantic getaway in Melbourne can include restaurants, comedy clubs, stage shows, night clubs and wine bars, live music - anything you want to find can be found in Melbourne! An exciting city where everything happens, Melbourne is home to major international sporting events as well as all the good things in life including food, shopping and wonderful entertainment. With enough to cram days and nights full of amazing activities, couples will love Melbourne for its diversity.

Enjoy the trams, the beautiful gardens and some of the world’s most glorious stretches of coastline in Melbourne’s surrounding regions. Not far from Melbourne is picturesque hinterland of Victoria, and the couples break would include a few nights in Melbourne and then a visit to one of the other wonderful regions, which include destinations known for their wine, and others that are known for their sun-drenched beaches. Jump in and experience a couples holiday in Melbourne, it’s a holiday sure to translate into a cherished memory.