Mauritius: Introduction

Cobalt blue seas, tropical luxury and extravagance

Mauritius Introduction Mauritius Introduction Mauritius Introduction

Mauritius is often referred to as the 'Star of the Indian Ocean' .It has safe beaches, gentle seas and a mild tropical climate. All this and the world renowned Mauritian hospitality make this one of the world's most sought-after holiday destinations. Mauritius is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs full of marine life and ideal for diving.

Mauritius is influenced by its British and French ties and massive Indian workforce. Where else can you enjoy a dish of curried chickpeas or a nice Yorkshire pudding on the terrace of a French café, sipping imported wine while listening to Créole music and the conversation of locals in any number of languages. World-class hotels offer the best service as well as top spas and golf. Mauritius offers a host of activities including trekking, mountain climbing and eco-tourism playgrounds. Mauritius has world’s third largest coral reef surrounding a turquoise lagoon and sandy beaches.