Malta: Introduction

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Introduction Malta Introduction

Visitors who holiday in Malta are introduced to the fascinating heritage of Malta, which became independent of British rule in 1964. Malta is an island that is definitely worth exploring, and history lovers will marvel at the prehistoric stone structures - some of the oldest in the world. Malta also has a range of baroque buildings and fortifications. And although the island is small, you will not find it difficult to escape the bustling streets Valletta and recuperate in the secluded bays and beaches. An array of cultural influences have shaped the island, and these are apparent in the cuisine of Malta. A holiday in Malta would not be complete without enjoying the traditional Maltese food, with its Sicilian and Moorish influences. You may also notice some subtle flavours of French, Spanish, British, Arabic and Italian cooking in the Maltese cuisine; this reflects the rich history of Malta's inhabitants. You can enjoy al fresco dining in local bistros or in the charming baroque courtyards for a delicious, mouth-watering experience. During your Malta holiday you will be enchanted by Valletta - Malta's capital city is filled with museums, sights and restaurants. St John's Co-Cathedral should be on top of your to-do list while in Valletta. The city is made even more beautiful by the beautiful bays which surround it. Each has it's own set of outdoor activities, restaurants, pubs and night clubs.