Malaysia: Costs

Asia's Rising Star

Malaysia Costs

In comparison with other surrounding countries, and perhaps due to its high tourist vocation, Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries in Asia. Obviously, prices vary depending on the season being higher during the summer and lower in the winter, but the Malaysia does offer good value for money, as long as you are willing to shop around to some degree.

Some typical costs in Malaysia are:
Guest Houses: £30 upwards for 3 star
Hotels: £50 upwards for 3 star
Pint of bitter £2
Pint of lager £2
25ml of whisky £1
Can of Coke £0.60
Cup of coffee £0.80
Breakfast £8
Lunch £12
Dinner £20
Cigarettes pack of 20 £3
Taxi from airport to city centre £15-60, depending on region.
Buses £2-16 per journey, depending on the journey.