Malaysia: Water Skiing

Asia's Rising Star

Malaysia is well known all over the world for its magical exotic beaches. Malaysia is one of the most favorite destinations all over the world. It is a land of unrivalled natural beauty. It boasts 4800 km of unhindered coastline. People from all over the world visit the magical beaches and indulge in host of water sports activities and adventures. All most all the beaches in Malaysia offer waterskiing and various other water sports which are safe and easy for the amateurs.

If you are an adventurous person then waterskiing in Malaysia will excite you to the fullest. A whole new world of thrill and adventure waits for you in Malaysia. There are number of beaches where you can enjoy and indulge your waterskiing holiday: Balok Beach close to Kuantan is one such destination; it organizes the annual 'Monsoon Madness' international windsurfing contest. Kuindang Lake is also a popular destination. Other places in Malaysia which offer such sporting activity includes Damai Beach in Sarawak, Public Park, Teluk Kemang and Pulau Tinggi. The coastline of Malaysia presents more exclusive destinations than one could even imagine visiting in more than one lifetime. Other than these exquisite beaches down the coast and peninsula of Eastern Malaysia, the country is also known to be the home of more than one hundred tropical islands. Most of these islands are extremely breathtaking and offer amazing waterskiing locations, such as the islands of Pulau Tioman and Langkawi. Malaysia is an ethnically varied country with rich tradition as well as home to unique natural environments that promote lively backdrop for exciting waterskiing holidays. No other Asian country offers so much assortment for holidaymakers as Malaysia.