Malaysia: Mountain Climbing

Asia's Rising Star

Malaysia Mountain Climbing

Climbing mountains is a wonderful way to discover the diversity and uniqueness of Malaysia's natural landscape, starting from the tropical rainforest in the lowlands to the mountain vegetation in the high elevations. River crossings and gushing waterfalls along the way add to the adventure. From easier walks in the cool comfort of Peninsular Malaysia's Main Range to the more challenging peaks of Malaysian Borneo, there are mountains to tempt every level of climber. Ascend southeast Asia's highest peak, Mount Kinabulu (4,094m), located in the Kinabalu National Park. No technical skills are required, but a guide and a climbing permit (which can be bought on location) are compulsory. While many mountains, especially those located in the national parks, have overnight camping facilities and provide some equipment for rental, it is always wise to plan ahead and make enquiries for bookings, weather conditions and other current information. Some remote or protected sites may even require special permits from the authorities.

We advise you hire a guide for the trip, unless the trail is well marked. Besides guiding you to the best campsites and rest spots, local guides know the natural history and folklore of the area and are invaluable when plans change and alternative routes need to be taken. Be it high or low, with each ascent you make, you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring sights and discoveries that will expand your mind.