Malaysia: Fishing

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Malaysia Fishing

Malaysia is a prime tropical paradise and a top game fishing destination. Endowed with a wide variety of marine and inland angling locations, Malaysia hosts a plethora of fish species in both environments. The tropical seas surrounding Malaysia sustain most tropical game fish species including the king of the seas - the black and the blue marlin. Yellowfin, bigeye and dogtooth are found in the deep water areas, and there are many more fish to catch including the wahoo, giant trevally, cobia, narrowbarred mackarel, dorado, barracuda, escolar, rainbow runner, greater amberjack and sharks.

The rivers and lakes in Malaysia, surrounded by beautiful tropical rainforest, provide an angling backdrop that is breathtaking. These pristine rainforest waterways will test any anglers' skills to the limit. The Malaysian Red Mahseer, the ferocious Giant Snakehead and the Hampala Barb all have superb fighting qualities. Saltwater destinations include Tukun of Pulau Perak, located midway between Langkawi and Penang, and Pulau Jarak, which is about 40 kilometres from the end of the Perak River. Both of these destinations are known for GT, sailfish and other species. Pulau Mabul, off the coast of Semporna in South East Sabah is also a deepwater destination. Yellowfin tuna, marlin, sailfish, and many other species can be found in these waters. Packages can also be arranged for freshwater destinations at Lake Bera, Lake Chini and Taman Negara. The best season to fish is in between March and October. Early correspondence with local fishing organisers is necessary to prepare a suitable schedule to meet your needs. Packages do not normally include airfares. Early booking is necessary to ensure availability of resources.