Malaysia: Sailing Activity Holiday

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Malaysia Sailing Activity Holiday

In Malaysia, sailing is a sport that has gained fast in status. The growing number of marinas and yacht clubs are great signal that Malaysia is absolutely the new and exciting destinations to head for. Malaysia is an ethnically varied country with rich tradition as well as home to unique natural environments that promote lively backdrop for exciting sailing holidays. No other Asian country offers so much assortment for holidaymakers as Malaysia.

Nowadays, the beaches, islands, coastal estuaries and seas are where Malaysians and tourists relax, recreate and participate in various sea sports. Recreational sailing now is getting higher, affordable as well as one of the wonderful ways for visitors to discover the country's islands and wide-ranging coastline. For sailors who have a more judicious taste in sailing and wish to investigate the unexplored waters can hire powerboats and luxury cruisers. While those who like to sail the open waters for several days, can try the cruise liners that drag into several Malaysian ports and islands. Annual major sailing events emphasize Malaysia as an exhilarating boating destination. These include the Raja Muda International Regatta, the Asean Regatta and the Royal Langkawi International Regatta. The marinas and yacht clubs offer venues for sailors and mariners to meet up with like-minded connections and share exciting stories of the high seas. Several sailing packages are available in Malaysia in order to have complete entertainment regarding water sports.

The best time to visit Malaysia can be just any point of time in the whole year but it’s better not to travel to this popular destination of the world in the rainy season between the months of November and January if you actually want to explore the striking beaches of Malaysia. You cannot probably explore all the innumerable gorgeous beaches of Malaysia but can visit some of the most popular beaches here which range from the powdery sandy expanses of the eastern coastline in Peninsular Malaysia to the pebbly Pantai Batu Kerikil beach and the black sandy Pantai Pasir Hitam beach. The most interesting activities that you can indulge into on your visit to Malaysia include visits to the rain forests, national parks and tropical waters, jungle trekking, spelunking, shopping, and dining.