Malaysia: Honeymoon

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Malaysia Honeymoon

A honeymoon in Malaysia ensures a vast selection of interesting experiences for any couple, from the vibrant buzz of Kuala Lumpur to hillside retreats in the beautiful mountains, and beach resorts gracing the tranquil shores. This honeymoon destination is romantic, colourful and intriguing; a good platform from which to establish a new life together. For couples who like a bit of action, Kuala Lumpur won't disappoint - this enticing city is home to quite a few romantic attractions. Stroll hand-in-hand through the Lake Gardens, splash out on a couple of love tokens from Chinatown, or share a dinner of exotic cuisine offered by one of the city's exquisite restaurants.

In Malaysia's main mountain range, hill resorts offer honeymoon couples a quiet, private retreat where the peaceful surroundings are the perfect setting for some lovely quality time. This natural tranquillity is most evident at Fraser's Hill Resort, while the Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands resorts are more upmarket and a bit busier. There are various beach hotels and resorts along the coast for newly-weds to enjoy.

The most popular, luxurious and secluded of these is Pangkor Laut Resort, located on a privately owned island in the Straits of Malacca. The Tanjong Jara and Tioman islands are also stunning honeymoon destinations. Many of these exclusive Malaysian resorts and hotels offer special honeymoon packages to couples, and there is no end to the opulent services and facilities available.