Malaysia: Couples Holiday

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Malaysia Couples Holiday

Malaysia is a wonderful destination for a couples holiday. Whether it is the fragile beauty of Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak or George Town, or the peace and quite of the beautiful hinterland of Ipoh, Malaysia’s sunshine coast has a multitude of activities for couples to share and enjoy. Tourist areas such as Brunei have become a favourite for locals and visitors alike, with the world-class dining and shopping and, of course, the stunning beaches which made the region famous in the first place. Terengganu, an old favourite, is still a highlight of Malaysia’s holiday destinations, while the stunning scenery across the region are always sure to wow couples on holiday in Malaysia. There is no doubt that a romantic getaway along the Malaysia is sure to delight all, and particularly those who love sun-drenched sights, sounds and activities that can keep you occupied from dawn to dusk, and then some. Be dazzled by some of Malaysia’s most stunning beaches - a sweeping coastline that is a jewel of the country that rank among some of the best in the world. Enjoy fabulous culinary delights - the region is renowned for offering up a culinary plethora of fantastic options for every taste and budget. Couples seeking some adrenaline in their break need not be disappointed either: from surfing and hiking to waterskiing and sailing, Malaysia is packed with activities that are sure to please. And don’t forget to indulge in a little retail therapy - shopping on around Malaysia has some excellent shopping districts that will suit everyone from bargain hunters and souvenir-seekers to some of the most haute-couture fashion victims, especially in Kuala Lumpur. Accommodation on the coast tends to be more resort, hotel and high-rise orientated, while the hinterland offers intimate cottage retreats, hostels and b&bs. Overall, Malaysia offers a huge range of activities and ideas for couples looking for a quick vacation or an extended break, promising fun-filled days and nights that will remain unforgettable.