Malawi: Costs

The warm heart of Africa

Malawi Costs

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa, and locally produced goods are inexpensive. However, imported goods can be more expensive than at home and most resorts will charge western prices for meals and accommodation.

Some typical prices in Malawi:

Hotel/luxury resort: 150$ per night
Camping: 600MKW per person per night
Camping in luxury resort: 15$ per person per night
Hostel/backpackers: 1000MKW per night
Meal in local restaurant: 500KW per person
Meal in resort restaurant: 1000MKW upwards
Banana: 5KW
Bottle of Carlsberg beer: 90MKW
Bottle of Coke: 50KW
Chocolate bar: 150KW
Loaf of Bread: 150KW
Taxi: Negotiable on distance
Mini Bus travel: 50KW per 10 KM
Bicycle Taxi: 25KW per KM