Malawi: Canoeing

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Malawi Canoeing

Lake Malawi is perfect for both canoeing and Kayaking. The beauty of the lake with its iridescent blue waters, giant granite boulders, stunning island camps and rainbow-coloured fish all make for an amazing place to kayak. Lake Malawi National Park is a World Heritage Site and an area of overwhelming beauty. It is also the first freshwater marine reserve on earth, sporting thousands of cichlid tropical fish that are vital to the bio-diversity of our planet. The waters are crystal clear throughout the year and the kayaking is outstanding

The Safari Co. offers scheduled and tailor made canoeing and kayaking safaris trips and active safaris to Lake Malawi.

The Mana Canoe & Walking Trail is an incredible journey that takes one to the heart of Mana Pools and along its shoreline. This camping safari traverses the full length of Mana Pools National Park, starting close to the western boundary of Mana Pools near Ruckomechi and finishing 65 km downstream and many adventures away at Chikwenya's airfield.