Malawi: Bus Tours

The warm heart of Africa

Malawi Bus Tours

Bus tours in Malawi are few and far between, however, there are various overland bus tour companies operating throughout Africa. These often incorporate tours of many other countries in addition to Malawi. These trips vary in price and quality, for example a 35 day tour of 7 African countries will set you back around 2000 Euro. This will usually include meals, accommodation and activities.

They are a good way to meet people with similar interests, however, they are often rushed and don’t give you a real flavour of the culture of a particular place before you are whisked back onto the bus to drive to the next destination. ‘Soche Tours’ is the only major company that runs bus tours in Malawi, they are based in Blantyre and can cater for individual needs. It’s best to contact them by telephone on 265 (0)1 772 377. Jambo Africa also run tours in Malawi, ranging from 500$ for 3 nights to 2000$ for 7 nights.