Malawi: Touring - Driving holiday

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Malawi Touring - Driving holiday

Driving yourself around Malawi is one of the best ways to travel in this country. It allows you to be flexible, have privacy and explore areas at your own pace. A 4x4 is recommended for getting to those out of the way destinations but beware of potholes and other drivers, road deaths in Malawi are considerably high so always drive with caution, and avoid driving after dark.

Car hire companies are based in Lilongwe and Blantyre, with desks at the airports. Cars can be delivered to and collected from any other location. Standards of vehicles vary and hiring can be expensive.

Most of the main roads are tarred but narrow. Potholes may be expected in any road and speeds should be kept to a sensible level. Driving is on the left of the road. Expect to find people and animals on any road. Driving at night is to be avoided. Breakdowns are usually indicated by placing bush or tree branches at the side of the road behind the vehicle. Petrol is widely available but tanks should be filled when the opportunity occurs as soon as the indicator falls below half. An International Driving Licence is required although national driving licences may be accepted.