Malawi: Camping

The warm heart of Africa

Malawi Camping

A camping holiday in Malawi is one of the most fun and exciting ways to spend your time in Africa. Campsites in Malawi are found in most destinations and most backpacker’s resorts will have a special camping area. Camping on the sand at the lake, and falling asleep to the lapping of the water, or up in the mountains with a campfire, are both unique and special ways to spend a holiday in this beautiful country.

Fees for camping in Malawi are very reasonable, but facilities vary according to the area. You will need your own transport if you are going to take a lot of equipment, otherwise travel light so you can make use of public transport. There are not many camping shops in Malawi so make sure you are fully kitted out before you leave. Only the major cities will have suitable camping equipment. Many backpackers’ resorts in Malawi will have a kitchen with cooking utensils but some will not so it’s best to check before you book your site.