Majorca: Food Guide - Dining Out

Most Popular Spanish Mediterranean Island

The local Majorcan food dishes make use of delicious local almonds, olives, walnuts, and the local tomato called Ramallet which is native to the island. Dishes such as tapas (different combinations of meats and vegetables in sauces and fish dishes like Calamares or squid) are real traditional Spanish treats. Tumbet, a tasty vegetable dish and the local paellas made with noodles not rice in Majorca are worth trying also. Inland Majorca offers great culinary surprises as there are a variety of charming old underground wine cellars that have been converted into characteristic restaurants. These old cellars will provide a true taste of Majorca accompanied by traditional Majorcan wines. Inca and Sineu have some amazing cellars to try and you won’t be disappointed. The coastal restaurants tend to be more touristy and compromise the traditional Majorcan food.