Majorca: Crime

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Majorca Crime

Crime rates in Majorca are lower than most parts of Europe but it’s good to be aware when in a foreign country as pick pockets and criminals can spot a tourist a mile off and to them a tourist is an easier target than a local. Keep your purse or wallet safe when wandering around markets and busy spots. Avoid street flower sellers as they are usually professional pickpockets. You may think you are getting a bargain but be wary as you may find later on that your cash and credit cards have been stolen. Pickpockets will try and get your attention by selling you something or showing you tricks on the street by day and night so be careful. Men and women also sell fruit on the beach. They are illegal vendors and are frequently being arrested by the beach police. They have no health certificates for their food so what may seem like a good idea buying a refreshing piece of fruit while tanning on the beach, what you pay for in the supermarket will be a fraction of the price you pay on the beach.