Majorca: Costs

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Majorca Costs

To get an idea of how much spending money you will need for your holiday here are some of the typical costs in Majorca:

Pint of bitter on average £2.50
Pint of lager on average £2.00
Can of Coke 50p
Cup of coffee £1.50
Breakfast £5
Lunch £5
Three Course Dinner on average £12
Bottle of wine in a restaurant on average £7.50
Car Hire for a week will be between £100-£150 depending on the car you need all inclusive
Taxi fairs vary depending on time of day and excess luggage but all fairs will be printed on the rear window of the taxi. Taxi fares are fairly reasonable.
Petrol 90p a litre in Majorca
Buses £1 to £1.50 per journey or you can buy a bus pass if you plan on making a few journeys
Cycle Hire for a child is between £10-£13
Cycle Hire for an adult is between £10-£30 depending on the quality of bike you require