Majorca: Nightlife

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Majorca Nightlife

The nightlife in Majorca depends on the resort you have chosen. The southern resorts in Majorca tend to be the livelier ones with a wide selection of bars and clubs. The main area in the south for a lively evening is Magaluf. There are hundreds of bars and club BCM Magaluf attracts a lot of dance enthusiasts. There are a lot of British tourists heading to Magaluf every summer meaning there a re a lot of British pubs in this area to cater for its target market. Palma Nova just down the coast is also a lively area in the evening. The northern resorts are a lot quieter in comparison and the main nightlife is centered around bars and restaurants. The north has great restaurants and bars in which to sit and watch the world go by after a meal. Palma is a lovely city to spend the evening with a number of bars and restaurants to choose from or it’s nice to enjoy a stroll down the coastline after a meal and a drink.