Majorca: Food and Drink

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Majorca Food and Drink Majorca Food and Drink

For the best traditional food in Majorca we would suggest heading inland. With fresh local produce from the olives, walnuts, tomatoes and other vegetables they offer a real taste of old Majorca. In places such as Inca and Soller they have converted old wine cellars into restaurants and they serve fantastic Majorcan wines as well as great food.

The tourist areas of Majorca do have some good restaurants but it takes more effort to separate the tourist eateries from the good quality local Majorcan restaurants. Wherever you go though you will find tapas, tasty snack type dishes of meats, fish and vegetables. You will also come across paella, a traditional Spanish dish, served with noodles in Majorca rather than rice. You will come across a lot of pork dishes as this is the preferred meat in Majorca and obviously lots of fresh fish. If you love chorizo you’ll love the Majorcan sausages called sobrasada. If you spend some time in the capital and you love your food there are some great restaurants in Palma. Koldo Royo is well known on the island as one of Spain’s best chefs. He manages his restaurant ‘Koldo Royo’ in Palma and you’ll find a mix of Mediterranean modern cuisine and some traditional Spanish dishes. Another great restaurant in Palma is ‘Chopin’ which is very elegant and exclusive so expect to pay a fair amount for your meal. Fabrica 23 is situated in the fishing area of Santa Catalina and you’ll come across some great Mediterranean cooking here and fresh, seasonal dishes. A great restaurant used a lot by locals, which is always a great sign, is ‘Orient Express’. It is decorated as a train and offers great food at great prices. You’ll find plenty of fresh fish dishes on this menu there is a real home made feel to the menu.