Madrid: Hostels

Spain's buzzing capital

Madrid Hostels

A hostel or as the Spanish call it: ‘hostal’ is similar in style to a hotel, because you pay for a bedroom and bathroom, but it doesn’t offer many of the same facilities, therefore it is much cheaper than a hotel. You can rent a room either with a bathroom to yourself, or a shared one, and TVs, towels and bedding are provided. A hostel in Madrid can be compared to a guesthouse really, but not many offer breakfast, so you will have to eat in a nearby café, of which there are plenty to choose from. Hostels in Madrid are generally fitted out in a modern style and are pleasant and clean places to stay if you are not expecting anything luxurious. Most hostels in Madrid have loads of tourist information leaflets available, so you can find out up to date information about what’s going on and plan ahead if you wish.

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