Madrid: Introduction

Spain's buzzing capital

Madrid Introduction Madrid Introduction Madrid Introduction

The capital of Spain, located in the heart of the peninsula and right in the centre of the Castillian plain, Madrid is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, which is home to both the Spanish Parliament and the Spanish royal family. Madrid is a bustling business and banking centre and is also famous for its cultural and artistic places of interest, with an array of museums and art galleries, including priceless works from Renaissance masters and Picasso and Dali.

The nightlife here is loud and boisterous, and doesn’t often really get going until the sun sets for the evening, when holidaymakers and locals dine on tasty tapas and enjoy fine Spanish wines. Madrid is a city of fun and excitement and is a favourite for a European weekend getaway, tailor made for those fascinated with history and artistic pursuits. With narrow streets, Belle Epoque architecture, historic squares, pretty parks, an amazing flamenco, restaurant and club scene, as well as great shopping, no one could help but fall madly in love this with this multi-faceted city.