Madrid: When to Book

Spain's buzzing capital

Madrid When to Book

Spring and fall are ideal times to visit Madrid and in terms of booking, we advise you book at least two weeks in advance. May and October are the best months and but not everyone has the luxury of taking holiday at these times of the year. In summer, it's hot, hot, and hotter still, with Madrid at times feeling like the inside of an oven. If you still plan on sizzling in this Spanish capital, be prepared to book a minimum of three weeks in advance. August is the month when Madrid is at its most peaceful - that's when many of its inhabitants have escaped to the mountains or are sunning themselves on the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts. About 75% of the city's restaurants and shops also decide that it's time for a vacation, but visitors usually find enough for their needs. The only problem is the heat, which can sometimes reach afternoon maximums of 104°F (40°C), though the abundance of air-conditioned locales and soothing lack of crowds produces a unique daylong siesta atmosphere.