Madrid: Food Guide - Dining Out

Spain's buzzing capital

Madrid Food Guide - Dining Out

Many restaurants in Madrid have exclusive promotions and offers, such as free champagne with your meal, 2 x 1 offers, or special pricing, which changes often and give you some fabulous deals on real Spanish cuisine. Many restaurants in Madrid like to entertain you as well as provide you with a delightful eating experience and you can watch true flamenco whilst enjoying some marvellously prepared Spanish food. If you feel more energetic and want to immerse yourself in real Spain, you can even sample the nightlife and tapas on an evening walking tour, where you can visit Madrid's undiscovered traditional retreats and feast on delicacies you would never have learnt about on your own.

For a good traditional meal of tapas and drinks (usually Sangria or wine) expect to pay somewhere in the region of 30 to 45 euros for two people, depending on how many tapas dishes you order! Other favourite items to order are an empanada (slice of meat or fish pie) or tortilla (Spanish omelette with potatoes) accompanied by a copa of wine or a caña (small glass) of beer. (If you want a larger beer ask for a doble.) Dinner in Madrid typically starts with a bowl of soup, followed by a second course, often a fish dish, and by another main course, usually veal, beef, or pork, accompanied by vegetables. Desserts tend to be fruit, custard, or pastries.