Madrid: Disabled Needs

Spain's buzzing capital

Madrid Disabled Needs

To be honest, the city in general is not great for disabled access, but the situation is getting much, much better. The good news is that most tourist attractions now have disabled access and wheelchair rental. The Madrid EMT bus service does cater to disabled people, but do be aware that to stop the bus you have to flag it down.

If you are planning to travel on the bus and you have a wheelchair, be prepared for the buses to be full, so don’t fret; if you can’t get on the first one, another bus will always be along within 15 minutes. Generally if you call any taxi company and ask for a ‘eurotaxi’ you should be sent one adapted for wheelchair users. Many hotels do have ramps for wheelchair users and other facilities which are important for a successful holiday for disabled people but do make sure that you do your research and ask questions up-front.