Madeira: Useful Information

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Madeira Useful Information

- Voltage supply in Madeira is 220 AC, so is compatible with the UK. Wall sockets take continental two-pronged plugs, so you’ll need to buy an adaptor from a local shop or before you travel to Madeira.

- The national emergency number in Madeira for police, fire or ambulance is 112.

- The Euro is the currency on Madeira.

- Most shops and restaurants in Madeira, especially those who cater for tourists, accept credit cards, though it’s best to check first.

- Most banks in Madeira have cash machines, where you can withdraw cash using your UK bank card. You may even find your hotel in Madeira has a machine.

- Most shops in Madeira tend to shut for lunchtime, except for the very large stores. However, many stay open until around 8pm, and some of the big supermarkets in Madeira are open until 10pm.

- If you want a post office in Madeira, look for a red and white sign that reads CTT.

- The international access code from Madeira is 00, so to call the UK dial 00-44.

- Dial 118 for local directory enquiries, 099 for the European international operator.

- Madeira is on Greenwich Mean Time, so the same time as London.

- A 10-12 per cent tip is usual in restaurants and for taxi drivers in Madeira.

- Most public toilets in Madeira have an attendant, who expects a small tip.